Monet originally was founded in Providence, RI in 1929 by two brothers, Michael and Jay Chernow and the business name was Monocraft. Monocraft produced gold plated monograms which were set on handbags in the store at the time of purchase. The business expanded and the company became recognized as a manufacturer of durable and quality initials. The Chernow brothers, capitalizing on this advantage, began manufacturing jewelry under the name Monet around 1937. Much of the 1940´s jewelry used silver as the base metal. Monet was also responsible for several technological advancements in jewelry, such as the development of the friction ear clip which adjusted so it could firmly fit the ear with out causing undue and painful pressure.
They were pioneer for its time both in terms of design and functional solutions. Among other things, they developed earrings for pierced and was the first with gold double jewelry. It´s easy to find something for everyone at Monet. If you want to start collecting vintage are the very well known for their gold and silver jewelry in Cleopatra style.