Annika Sjölén

Annika Sjölén was trained carpenter and designer before becoming a goldsmith. Her affinity for metal goes a long way back. As an art student it became her material of choice. Working nights in an empty blacksmith’s she could create pretty much what she wanted: Steel chairs, steel cupboards and a steel chaiselongue.

The leap to delicate jewellery wasn’t actually all that great. "It’s all about shapes and colours and surface and expressing yourself", she says.

Annika makes a point of not studying other jewellers. According to her "bijouterie" is not very inspiring". She looks to art, folklore, fashion and travel for inspiration and gypsies.

The gypsy touch comes from relatives on her father’s side. Or maybe it just has to do with how she sees things. "Down there women have a way of dramatizing themselves."

"Down there" is Spain or India or Mexico or a Los Angeles neighborhood or gypsies or any other phenomenon with strong, passionate and colorful women to inspire her strong, passionate and colorful accessories.

Her creations are meant for anybody and everybody. Full of happiness, passion, life, drama, feelings and everything that matters.

The main theme is always movement. Accessories from Annika are anything but static. She has no fear of mixing materials, "to see what happens". But there is always balance. Composition, proportions her feeling, her design and her jewelers. Creating it comes easier than describing it:

"It’s primitive and innovative at the same time, naive but also modern. I can’t come up with a deeper analysis than that. I leave that to people who like my work.

Enjoy Annika Sjölén design.